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Landscaping not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your yard by installing functional features like walking paths but also addresses issues like inadequate drainage. At Arellano, you can find all the landscaping tips and ideas you'll need, regardless of the size and shape of your yard.

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Landscape Design

When planning your landscape, it is essential to put your ideas on paper (or on a computer). Graph and tracing paper may be all you need when working on a straightforward project. At Arellano, our professional landscape designer begins with a property survey and topographical map, and as your vision develops and takes shape, they often produce a sequence of conceptual sketches, early elevations, and final renderings.

You should select where you want the modifications to be done and what your priorities are before speaking with a landscape designer. Which needs updating more, your front pathway or the backyard? Do you want a special arrangement of stones and shrubbery or a garden filled with changing flowers? Consider any landscaping elements you might desire, such as a patio for grilling and hosting parties or a chic brick walkway leading to the front entrance.

Before starting the planning step, it's necessary to think about other people who will be using the yard. If you have a dog or children, for instance, a grassy backyard with plant borders could be preferable over a cement patio. Keep in consideration how the area will be used.

You can clearly see the flowers, plants, and other design elements you can afford by setting a realistic budget for your landscape design. At Arellano Landscaping, we can work with your budget to create a stunning landscape design.

You'll probably need to undertake maintenance even after the planning phase is over to maintain your landscape looking lively and healthy. This can entail scrubbing a grimy patio or pathway, watering and cutting overgrown flowers, and prepping plants for winter.  Arellano would be more than happy to assist you if you're searching for a low-maintenance landscape.

Mulch, Rock, and Edging

Although your landscape's focal point may be the paver patio, retaining wall, or outdoor living spaces, adding rock or mulch can make your entire outdoor space stand out. The inclusion edging then offers a clean line of separation to keep the rock or mulch in the landscape bed rather than on the lawn while also enhancing overall curb appeal.

Mulch is one of the landscape's most adaptable components. It prevents erosion on mild slopes, acts as a natural weed barrier, improves plant health, and keeps the soil moist. Due to the vast range of colors and wood species available, as well as the advantages it offers your trees and shrubs, it has recently gained enormous popularity compared to its more conventional cousin, decorative rock. Feel free to get in touch with us right away if you have any questions about the mulch color options we provide.

A decorative rock provides the finishing touch to a nearly maintenance-free landscape design, adding color and highlighting the natural beauty of your shrubs, perennials, trees, and flowers. Most rock installations are one-time jobs, and we stock many colors and styles to suit your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the many decorative rock shape and color options we provide.

Your landscaping can have an incredibly neat and well-kept finish by installing edging. Furthermore, it retains mulch or stones, reducing the need for regular grass clipping. Edging complements any landscape or garden bed by forming a sturdy border around the image that is your landscape. We provide edging in a number of styles and materials, including natural stone, plastic or aluminum edging, bullet edgers, and more. Contact us today to find out more about our mulch, rock, and edging options, as well as our competitive prices.

Sod Installation

Do you need to intervene because your lawn is discolored, splotchy, and weedy? The grass can be saved if there is at least half of it that is in good condition, and new seeds can be planted to fill in the rest of the lawn. Alternatively, you might replace your entire lawn with sod. Reseeding is much more convenient and inexpensive than laying sod, but the results won't be seen for quite some time. Sod, while more expensive, can provide you with lush grass in a fraction of the time it would take to plant seeds. 

One of the most crucial steps in putting sod is watering. When you tread on the sod, it ought to feel "squishy." For the first few weeks, we advise adding 1/4" of water daily. Then, watering once or twice a week should be plenty. You'll need to water it more frequently until the heat wave is over if the temperature is 90 degrees or higher. Soil types will have an impact on irrigation. Turn on your sprinkler, then place a bucket or coffee can underneath it. You can use this to calculate how long to let the water run. Your sod is strained because of the lack of water if it starts to turn yellow or brown. No matter how much water is used, once it reaches this state, it cannot be reversed.

If you have followed the appropriate steps, your sod will begin to take root immediately. This will allow you to begin mowing within a week and, after that, when needed. Drive carefully, avoiding any quick turns that might disrupt new root growth. We recommend mowing often enough so the clippings are not over a 1/2″ in length.

Your children and pets won't be able to wait to play on your brand-new, lovely lawn! Don't worry; just remind the kids to be gentle and not to pull up any corners for the next several days. Ensure that the household dog doesn't attempt to bury any bones or dig any holes.  One common concern of dog owners is that their canine companions have a tendency to urinate in the same spot on the lawn, leaving brown stains. Rotating the sites where your dog relieves himself or herself is the best form of prevention.

Planting Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials

Trees, flowers, and shrubs are a few of the tools that every landscaper utilizes to produce stunning softscapes. Planting trees improves the soil, offers privacy and gives shade. Color and visual intrigue are added by flower gardens. Shrubs bind the landscape together by adding a further layer of ground cover and greenery. The way you combine these components will influence the feel and design of your landscape.

The first step in adding to your landscape is to think about what you want to accomplish. Any location can benefit greatly from a well-planned landscape, from additional shade to improved soil. The type of trees, shrubs, or flowers to plant, how many you'll need, and where to put them all depend on the main function.

Planting is a form of art. Planting well can give a landscape a distinctive look or feel. They can highlight bushes, flower beds, and other characteristics in a garden while also adding charm, color, or grace. Your own preferences and the landscape will determine the type of planting you should do. 

Your property gains curb appeal and a classic look thanks to planting. They communicate to everyone the owner's long-term goals for a piece of property and their intention to stay. You can tell by observing the land if a community is made up of owner-occupied homes, renters, or lack thereof.

Contact us if you'd want to know what plants would look best in your landscape. 

Adding trees to your home is a great method to increase privacy. Plants are a good natural barrier against the outside world due to their various heights and longevity. Planting can provide privacy for your property and deter trespassers. They can increase security by being planted close to fences or gates while also providing your home a more natural appearance. Make careful to purchase fast-growing plants that will quickly fill out to satisfy your privacy demands. Get in touch with us to find out how we can improve the privacy and security of your property by planting in your landscaping. 

Landscape Grading

Walkways, plants, and koi ponds are likely what first spring to mind when you think about luxury landscape design. But, in order to keep your garden looking its best, you must first invest some time on logistics. When it comes to landscaping upkeep, landscape grading isn't one of the first things that springs to mind but it is a basic component. If done correctly, the grading is barely noticeable but when there are grading problems, you'll notice them elsewhere, most frequently with pools of water.

Landscape grading is the leveling or shaping of the terrain to make it ready for particular aspects, such as hardscaping a road, patio, path, steps, or something as basic as grass and plants.

Grading is also used to spread out excess water to prevent land erosion and slope the land so water flows away from the house. The plants and grass on the lawn may become soggy if water collects in certain locations, which can eventually damage the landscaping.

Mosquito breeding and structural damage can also be brought on by standing water.

Grading problems can be identified by uneven terrain, drainage, or erroneous elevations concerning site restrictions, the latter of which we can help confirm. Grading problems can occur on any property; they are not limited to vacant land. Grading is not always done the first time correctly and sometimes needs to be corrected or regarded. 

In order to shape the land beneath it to the proper slope and level, the topsoil must first be removed as part of the grading process. To keep the dirt in place and allow the grass and other plants to more easily establish their roots, your landscaper may need to lay down meshing or geogrid. The topsoil is then re-added, and the final grading ensures that the newly graded area is level and smooth and fulfills the initial criteria.

Yard Landscape Removals and Renovations

Do you need to renovate your yard? Have weeds taken over your yard to an irreversible degree? Your landscapes trees and bushes may be so overgrown that you feel overwhelmed. Getting your outdoor area back to its best can be difficult, no matter the problem. Our yard and landscaping clean-up and remodeling services can give your home a brand-new look and feel.

If a residential lawn's species or variety is frequently attacked by disease or insects and this has led to the lawn's thinning, you might want to think about remodeling it. If the original grass is thin and sickly, or if it has been severely damaged or completely destroyed by disease, insects, drought, or winterkill, a rehabilitation of the lawn may also be necessary. The total conversion from one turf species to another is another reason people think about remodeling.

It's often preferable to scarify and over seed a mossy lawn in the fall. The heat of July will have left the earth warm enough for seed germination, and there will be plenty of moisture available. As a result, less watering will be needed than in the recent dry springs, and any watering that is given will likely last longer.

Moisture is beneficial for the recuperation of your lawn. If you attempt to renovate your lawn in the middle of the summer when the ground is dry, you run the risk of damaging both the machinery and the grass. In addition, you would need to water frequently during the summer because the heat dries up the seeds, as opposed to the fall, especially from September to October, when there is typically a lot more rain. At this time of year, the work will undoubtedly be a little more muddy, but it will be well worth muddy boots.

Outdoor Drainage

It is important to have a drainage system that has been carefully planned. In the absence of adequate drainage, water can pool throughout your landscape, causing structural damage to your home or place of business as well as suffocating plants and other types of vegetation. Our skilled landscape professionals can evaluate your property and reveal any drainage concerns, such as surface water, hardpan, and other issues, if you feel you have drainage problems. It is advisable to swiftly hire a professional to assess the situation and create a sound plan of action in order to prevent drainage issues from spreading and affecting the growth of plants and trees on your property.

When it comes to landscaping drainage, prevention is always the best remedy. Keep an eye out for faults in your gutters and downspouts, depressions in the surface of your grass, your landscape design as a whole, and bad elevation or land grading concerns to prevent excess water and damage to your home.

There are many ways that issues with lawn drainage might appear near your home. After a rainstorm, it is advisable to check for any potential drainage problems to see if water pools, collects, or starts to dry out or drain away. Flooding in the garage or basement is one indication of drainage issues with the grass. After a significant downpour, if you still notice water flooding or collecting in your basement, crawlspace, or garage, you may need to address a drainage issue. If your sump pump seems to be working harder than usual, you may have a water problem. Pay attention to how frequently your sump pump operates; if it doesn't operate for a long time, or at all, you should contact a professional before it suffers damage and needs to be replaced. Puddles following a downpour are common, but if they persist for several days or take up most of your yard, there may be a drainage issue. Make landscape investments to keep water away from your home! It can lead to mold growth and deteriorate the outside materials of your home, garage, or other building if water collects and sits along the sides of your home without draining. Last but not least, an abundance of water can lead to significant foundational breaches in your house, resulting in additional structural harm and giving pests a convenient entrance.

Working with a professional can help you save time because we are aware of how urgent drainage issues and damage caused by water are. A professional firm will already have the necessary tools and machinery to finish the job, saving you the cost of purchasing those items. Most importantly, a professional provider has experience in spotting and fixing typical lawn drainage problems, so you can relax knowing that your drainage worries are in capable hands.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have a variety of uses, including preventing soil erosion, transforming rocky terrain into a backdrop of terraces, and establishing focal points in the landscape. Indeed, they are some of the most popular methods for fixing issues brought on by hilly locations! Unworkable inclinations are transformed into useful outdoor areas for the garden by properly constructed retaining walls.

Most frequently, residential retaining walls shield exposed basements from erosion. If a retaining wall is not present, the earth can eventually obstruct basement doors and windows with enough time and rain. Retaining walls also benefit houses on top of or below steep hills. Retaining walls prevent the foundation of houses on hills from shifting. A retaining wall will prevent loose soil from accumulating around residences at the base of hills. Different wall placements will provide different results for your home and yard.

The majority of retaining walls are constructed using interlocking brick or stone blocks, while some are also formed of poured concrete or even wood. Call us today to find out more about your options!

Retaining walls made of stone and brick have persisted for decades. Although some soil and weather conditions could make the wall weaker, they shouldn't cause any issues if built and maintained by professionals.


What do broadcast journalists, seasoned photographers, and landscape architects have in common? The key is good lighting. Depending on the type of feature employed, outdoor lighting has the ability to accentuate, frame, direct, soften, and even command attention. We're here to assist you in identifying the best landscape lighting and utilizing its ability to improve curb appeal and breathe new life into your landscape design.

The majority of systems may be set up in one to two days.

Your outdoor areas can be made or broken by the art of outdoor lighting at night. Professionals can assist you in deciding what to emphasize, how to set the tone, balance ambiance, function, etc. The best, most durable, and dependable systems are installed and troubleshot by skilled professionals. In addition to the overall aesthetic impact of your new system, they are looking at factors like wattage load balancing, bulb capabilities, lighting method, appropriate cable runs, and voltage drop.

Yes, but not in any significant way. The underground wiring for your outdoor lighting system is laid directly beneath the mulch in your flower beds. If digging a trench through the lawn is necessary, it's only about 6 inches deep to accommodate the cable.

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