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Have you ever strolled through your neighborhood and noticed how certain yards look good year-round? Some yards always appear well-dressed, no matter the style—from meticulously tended landscapes to less formal gardens—even in the dead of winter. Do any of these residences have a master gardener living there? Most likely not, although they do all require routine, year-round upkeep.

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Our fully-insured crew will arrive at your home, cut the grass, trim the bushes, sweep the hardscaping, and provide you a snapshot of the finished product. A regularly manicured lawn can encourage lush, luxuriant grass in your yard. Maintaining a regular lawn mowing plan will ensure that your grass is nice and soft underfoot all summer long.

During our standard mowing service, we will cut the grass, trim the edges and borders, and blow the grass cuttings away from the driveway or sidewalk. More importantly, we make sure the blades on our lawnmowers are always sharp, and we'll switch up our mowing patterns each week to keep your grass looking great.

Our most popular lawn mowing schedule is once each week. Like your trash collection service, our lawn care operation is organized into routes based on certain locations. A member of our office staff will let you know what day of the week to expect our crew when you sign up for service.

Certainly not! You don't have to sit at home while our staff comes to cut your lawn. So while we take care of your yard maintenance, you can go to work, drop your kids off at school, and enjoy your free time. If you have a gate that is locked, make sure our crews can access it and that your pets are secure inside. If you choose to lock your fence gates, we advise using a "coded" lock and giving our office the code so we may safely store it on file. Weather delays frequently cause changes to your scheduled service day. At the time of service, if our team cannot open your gates, they will avoid the inaccessible area. The following week, our team will provide service in that location. 

Fertilizing and Weed Control

It takes more than just following a regular watering and mowing plan to maintain a healthy and attractive lawn. Pre-emergent or fertilizer applications made at the right time can make the difference between a dense, lush lawn and a sparse, weed-filled lawn. Understanding what to apply when for your best lawn this summer can be aided by preparation and knowledge of the sort of grass you have.

Your home's surrounding soil provides nutrients to your grass. The plants decompose as they age, returning the nutrients to their original source. Unfortunately, this procedure might not supply all the minerals your landscaping needs for a variety of reasons. Magnesium or calcium deficiency in the soil can result in a lawn that is sparse, more yellow than green, and susceptible to infestation by pests and weeds. You can achieve the lush, deep green appearance that homeowners like by adding fertilizer.

Just as your grass is sucking up all that fertilizer, so are those pesky weeds. Weeds are invasive plants that can overtake your grass and make it seem unsightly. This results in a yard that is frequently ugly and has more weeds than grass. Additionally, weeds can emit unpleasant scents, have sharp stickers or spines, or both. You add weed control to maintain the beauty of your yard and the health of your lawn by preventing the growth of undesirable plants.

It's safe and feasible to use a fertilizer with weed control mix if your yard is only grass and crabgrass or broadleaf weed kinds are taking over your yard. These will eliminate the unwanted invading plants, allowing your grass to reestablish itself. Once your weeds die down, you might wish to see a specialist about reseeding and upcoming fertilizer programs. To avoid a recurrence the next season, you might also need to perform further weed treatments.

Aeration and Overseeding

A unique tool called a core aerator is used to create holes all over your lawn by extracting little soil plugs (referred to as "cores") from the ground. As a result, more oxygen, water, and nutrients are able to reach the root zone and go deeply into the soil. This is crucial because it fosters a root system that can grow in a more favorable environment, and healthier roots translate to a healthier grass.

Overseeding is the straightforward procedure of seeding your current grass. It is NOT the practice of spreading an excessive amount of grass seed. After aerating, sprinkle grass seed to provide the seedlings a great base to grow from. The outcome? A more substantial, healthier, and greener lawn. Your grass will grow more vigorously and be more resistant to problems like drought if its root system is healthier. 

Make sure your lawn is cut short before core aerating and overseeding. The core aerator will be able to get a more thorough soil sample by digging deeper if your grass is short since it is easier to penetrate the ground. It's important to remember that if you're going to be overseeding, you'll need to wait a few weeks before you can mow again. By reducing the length of your lawn, you can put off mowing for a while.

Yes! Put down a starter fertilizer before you apply your seed if you are overseeding your lawn. Apply your fall fertilizer now if you're only core aerating. Keep in mind that if you are only core aerating, you can wait until fall because seed germination won't be an issue.

Dethatching and Spring Yard Cleanup

Any grass can be destroyed by the harsh winter weather, especially in low-lying places. One of the most crucial things you can do in the early spring to revitalize your lawn in time for the late spring and summer is dethatching.  Between the blades of grass and the soil's surface, thatch naturally accumulates as a covering made up of stems, roots, crowns, and other organic detritus. Thatch slowly develops into a barrier that inhibits water, nutrients, sunlight, and air from reaching the soil as a result of over watering, fertilizing, and high mowing. The health of your grass can be improved by removing thatch.

Checking whether your soil absorbs water is the simplest approach to determine whether your grass needs dethatching. Check your lawn to check if there is an underlying thatch layer if water flows off without piercing the grass. Thatch resembles a coating of matted grass stalks in a gray-brown color. Dethatching is required if your grass has more than one inch of thatch above the soil's surface.

At least twice a year, you should inspect the thatch layer in your lawn. When the thatch is more than a quarter of an inch thick, it's time to call for detaching services. In addition to your primary aeration and overseeding routine, we advise at least once every other season. This service is normally required every other year for the average home.

Yes, additional staff members are cleaning up and taking away any debris behind the machine as a technician operates the yard dethatcher equipment.

Leaf Removal and Fall Yard Cleanup

We all appreciate the beauty and shade our giant deciduous trees offer, but when their lovely leaves fall, they cause a lot of work and may damage your landscaping. Your leaves should be picked up as soon as possible when they fall. What's the good news? Your leaf cleanup can be assisted by the team at Arellano Landscaping. We do professional yard cleaning and leaf removal. Our teams are equipped with strong blowers, rakes, tarps, and truck vacuums to collect the leaves from your property fast and effectively, leaving your yard immaculate. Don't stress about maintaining your lawn this fall; instead, hire us to handle it for you. If you let us know ahead of time, we can also leave the leaves for you to use in your compost pile.

Start immediately with your landscape's Springtime preparations. The six months of preparation will benefit your lawn, flower beds, and plants when they go dormant throughout the winter. Pre-treating your lawn in the fall is the best way to help eliminate weeds that would otherwise appear in the early spring. Put down a layer of protective mulch 2 to 3 inches deep over the root system of your plants while tending to your gardens and flowerbeds. This will provide them with a layer of protection from the fluctuating winter temperatures and help them survive the chilly winter months.

Even though it may go unnoticed by many, fall cleanup can have several advantages when done properly. Reduce your workload by participating in fall cleanup; you'll have less work to do when the snow melts and spring arrives.

You may prepare for the warm weather by starting the task early, removing debris, and safeguarding plants. Suppress the growth of unwanted plants. If left unchecked, weeds may ruin a yard, but if fertilizer is added in the fall, it can help prevent weeds even before they start to sprout. Preserve the health of your plants. Plants can quickly wilt and dry up when exposed to the winter's icy cold and frosts. By hiring a professional service to administer sprays and other preventive measures to keep your plants safe for the winter, you can help protect your warm-weather plants. Put a stop to the spread of fungi. Wet, slimy leaves can damage your lawn, trees, and fall flowers by spreading bacteria.

Keep your yard in good condition by cleaning up those leaves when they fall. Fall cleaning improves the appearance of your property in addition to helping you get ready for the winter. Your lawn's lovely aspect can be restored by removing the various kinds of trash, such as leaves and weeds, and making a neat outside area. Along with all the long-term benefits, you'll also enjoy the instant benefit of making a good impression on your clients, neighbors, and friends. Hiring a reputable lawn care provider for an autumn cleanup will give you peace of mind that your property is robust and healthy. An expert will carefully examine all aspects of the health of your yard and offer suggestions for enhancing or preserving it.

While it may be advantageous to perform some autumn cleanup tasks independently, you should hire a professional agency for a more thorough and comprehensive job. You can benefit from a professional service's ease, quality, and dependability, such as convenience. Fall cleanup can be time-consuming, especially if your property is big and spread out. You might want to save that time and effort for other things. You regain that time by using a professional service, which will also assist in preparing your yard for the upcoming months.

Quality is guaranteed. Expert services provide high-caliber work. While performing the task on your own could seem like an economical, appealing alternative, you probably won't obtain the same level of thoroughness that a service could provide you. Many businesses use seasoned lawn care specialists that have completed fall cleanup many times before; as a result, they are familiar with what they are doing and provide a high-quality end product.

Undeniable Reliability! Professional cleanup services are dependable, so you won't have to worry about your plants withering or an army of weeds emerging throughout the winter because you'll know you took the necessary procedures to maintain your yard.

Shrub Trimming

Have you noticed that your bushes or hedges are out of control? Pruning your shrubs and hedging regularly is not only good for their aesthetics but also their overall health.  Shrub trimming has many benefits, including improved growth in sparse regions, increased flower and fruit yield, reduced susceptibility to disease, and elimination of overgrown branches that could pose a danger in the future.

When a shrub is blocking a window or shading out other neighboring plants, it needs to be pruned to maintain the nice, formal appearance of the shrub. Even an older bush that isn't growing well may be encouraged to sprout lush new growth by it. Pruning requires both scientific knowledge and artistic skill. Science is understanding how the plant works, and art is in observing how a plant responds to trimming and takes on a natural shape, revealing its beauty. Yes, a well-kept landscape will appear natural.

Yes, thinning the branches on a fruit tree allows for consistent, larger fruit. Also, trimming and thinning creates an open center that allows sunlight to enter so the fruit develops there and ripens. Old wood on a fruit tree can be removed so young, vigorous fruit-bearing branches develop. 

Depending on what you want from your hedge should help you decide how frequently and when to trim it, but year-round is usually optimal. A certain kind of pruning will be needed for each season to promote growth and maintain a beautiful appearance. It's crucial to prune your ordinary hedge in the winter and spring to maintain its basic shape. For the first few years, you should prune your hedges in the spring and winter, especially if they are young.

The type of hedge you have will largely determine how frequently and when you should prune older hedges. Depending on the weather we've been experiencing that season, some will need more care than others at certain periods of the year. Particularly, some species will require two or three cuts, and others will only require the shears once a year. Almost all species could benefit from a "hard" pruning in the winter, but some species will need to be trimmed earlier in the season. Many species will need to be pruned around August.

Remember to prune flowering hedges after they begin to bloom, and in some cases after they have finished flowering fully, as pruning them at the wrong time may prevent your hedge from blooming the following year.

Snow Plowing

To ensure the safety and cleanliness of our client's properties, we have braved several record-breaking whiteouts, severe blizzards, and storms. Every year, we earn the trust of clients who rely on us to maintain their multi-family dwellings, commercial properties, retail districts, government and municipal properties, and government and municipal buildings. Our organization is defined by our commitment to providing great service, thorough planning, and dedicated workmanship.

To make ice melt even when the temperature is below water's typical freezing point of 32 degrees, rock salt, or sodium chloride, lowers the freezing point of water. There must be a heat source for the salt to function. The heat source can be sunlight, air that is warmer than 15 degrees Fahrenheit, or friction from car tires rubbing against salt and ice.

Rock salt loses its ability to melt snow and ice as it falls below 15 degrees. Use a mixture designed for low temperatures that contain calcium chloride or magnesium chloride to help melt ice when the temperature is extremely low.

During a snowstorm, road crews generally begin clearing streets according to the following priorities:

Priority street routes – high-volume roadways and access to hospitals, police stations, and fire stations.

Second-priority street routes – streets that lead directly onto first-priority street routes

Third priority street routes – neighborhood streets and cul-de-sacs

Parking rules vary by municipality. In general, street parking is prohibited after a snowfall of 2 or more inches so plow trucks can effectively clear roads.

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I worked with Jordan Directly, who was very responsive, and pricing was fair and in line with other quotes. I went with Allerano because his quote was detailed, including pictures and descriptions of services. I was not getting anything like that from others. We had a front retaining wall redone and a large area in our backyard redone ( removal of plants, ground cover, edging, plants added, mulched, and decorative stone) as well as leveling under our deck and stones added to fill in the space. Looking to use Allerano again for more projects, can not recommend enough. 

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